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Who we are...

Here at, I know what its like to be a collector and In fact, I'm a collector myself. To me, this isn't just a business...Its a commitment to our customers to provide the best possible experience when conducting business with me.

My goal is to make my customers feel like they've known me for years . I want everyone to have a great experience and have as much fun as I do. I've been a collector for decades and I've been on E-Bay, selling comics since 2001 and at since 2014. I've done business with some of the biggest names in the hobby and I continue to do so. Feel confident that your purchase is in good hands.

In this business, when you purchase from us.. you will know what its like to be seen as a customer who matters and not just another number. All calls and emails to us will be responded to. From the phone call, to the follow up confirmation that your order was completed, to the special touches on the packing, it will be evident that we really care about quality transactions. I myself am on both the CGC forums and E-Bay as well. Feel free to call, email or just reach out on either E-Bay or on the CGC forums and I'll be happy to answer any questions or... just drop by to say hello!

CGC forums name: Timeless icons                 E-Bay I.D : Timeless_icons

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