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                                             Who we are...


     Here at Timelessicons.com, we know what its like to be collectors and In fact, we're collectors ourselves. To us, this isn't just a business...Its a commitment to our clients to provide the best possible experience when conducting business with us. 

     Our goal is to make our clients feel comfortable when contacting us. We want everyone to have a great experience and have as much fun as we do. That's how we see things over here at Timelessicons.com and we hope you do too. 

     In this business, when you purchase from us.. you will know what its like to be seen as a client who matters and not just another number. All calls and emails to us will be responded to. From the phone call, to the follow up confirmation that your order was completed, to the special touches on the packing, it will be evident that you're dealing on a different level. 

     We sell CGC graded comics, CBCS graded comics, PGX graded comics and comic books in general so take a look around. While we mainly sell comics on our site, we may be at shows from time to time in your area. We want to get to know our clients and make some new friends along the way. If you see us at your local shows, by all means, stop by and say hello!

CGC forums name: Timeless_icons

E-Bay I.D : Timeless_icons